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Somehow I've become the go-to site for information on the EMS Narrative Report. I'm very much OK with that. I believe that the Narrative Report and the EMS Report is the most important information-sharing tool for the Paramedic or EMT.

Here are some of the things I've written concerning the EMS Narrative Report, and for EMS Charting general.EMS 2.0 logo

Soapy Pictures – The EMS Narrative Report

This article is about the evolution of my narrative style, and shows how I went from just writing something into actually charting about the patient in the best way that I can. It shows how I fuse the "Chronological Narrative" reporting style with "SOAP Charting" (using the SOAP method to write the EMS narrative) – There's a lot of tips in here.

More on EMS narrative reporting 

This article is a more in-depth "nuts and bolts" how-to guide for the paramedic or EMT to use in designing their narrative reporting style. I emphasize how to properly place information and how to share it with the user of the information. Emphasis is placed on using the SOAP charting method.

Six Tricks You Can Use Today to Improve your EMS Narrative Report

Don't have time to read due to your call volume? Use these tips and tricks as a quick tutorial and begin writing professional EMS narrative Reports today. Whether you're a paramedic or an EMT, these tips will have you writing your ambulance run sheet like a pro.

For more information, please read the above information on the EMS narrative report, SOAP charting, EMS Charting, and EMS Patient Care Reports.