Increasing the Interactivity of it All

If you look over to the right of this post, you’ll see some things that I put there simply because the blogger interface lets me put it there. There’s some links to some of my favorite sites on the web, that I’m sure aren’t that cool to normal people, but I like them because I’m strange. There’s also a little blurb about my e-mail address. I link to it a lot because I would like to increase your user experience by having y’all e-mail me a little message and let me add you to my e-mail address book so I can shoot y’all a blurb when I put something new up here, which works out to almost every third day when I have a slow shift day on the ambulance.

I won’t spam ya, and I wouldn’t sell your address to anyone else for less than an undisclosed sum of money…. And it’d have to be a really big undisclosed sum.