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I took care of a patient today. Poor kid, he had a lot of congenital issues and was noncommunicative and deformed. He was completely bedridden and needed constant care. Poor kid. In treating the condition that he had I put him on an EKG and much to my surprise I saw ST elevation in leads […]

The Profession that is EMS

(Attention: I edited this post heavily. I think that my ADD was in full effect when I wrote it. It’s better now, I think) The results are in: the bloggers, posters, commentators, columnists, partners, colleagues, and other people even passively involved in EMS have spoken. It seems that EMS ain’t much of a profession these […]

Follow up to The Shine Factor: What makes a great Ambulance Service

Part of “The Shine Factor” series – This post looks at some basic characteristics of Great Ambulance Services.

I Got a Day off Today #2

My lovely fiancé (The wedding is May 30th and yes, we’re riding in a fire truck from the Church to the Reception) is working the BLS truck at the private ambulance service that she works at. They’re busy down there. The service puts up 3 or 4 ALS trucks per day and has one BLS […]

I got a day off today

So be prepared for short quips. I listen to talk radio and I gotta tell you that I’m scared about what’s going on in our country. Take that as you will, but this isn’t an overtly political blog. That, and the Good Ol’ USA will always prevail because of people like you and me. Individuals […]

About the layout

If you’ve been reading the blog lately you’ve probably noticed that I tried to tinker with the layout. In this endeavor, I was able to find out that I know nothing of XML… Nothing! If anyone would like to help with my less than stellar blogger layout and knows how to hack this into a […]

Introduction to the EMS Protocol Project

I’m starting a new blog, and there’s another one ready to come. This first one is waaaay still in the works, but it’s up. The address is: What follows below is it’s tentative introduction. “EMS” for those of you who might have stumbled on here by mistake stands for that specialty of both Public […]