Introduction to the EMS Protocol Project

I’m starting a new blog, and there’s another one ready to come. This first one is waaaay still in the works, but it’s up. The address is:

What follows below is it’s tentative introduction.

“EMS” for those of you who might have stumbled on here by mistake stands for that specialty of both Public Safety and Healthcare known as the Emergency Medical Services. This blog is dedicated to its advancement. Here you will find as large as a compilation of EMS Protocols (Also known as “Standing Medical Orders” or “SMOs”, “Standing Medical Guidelines” or “SMGs”) as I can make available to the wider community for review. I will also review individual protocols, protocol sets, medication formularies, and procedure lists as I have the time and I welcome anyone to do the same either on the available comments section or via a post, which I invite people to write. You may contact me if you wish to do so at