About the layout

If you’ve been reading the blog lately you’ve probably noticed that I tried to tinker with the layout. In this endeavor, I was able to find out that I know nothing of XML… Nothing! If anyone would like to help with my less than stellar blogger layout and knows how to hack this into a 3 column thingie.. That’d rock.

Some Announcements:

  1. I have started FOUR (Count em) FOUR new blogs. They are:


    1. The EMS Protocol project – An aggregation of EMS protocols from around the world with commentary and reviews (Http://emsprotocols.blogspot.com)
    2. The EMS Narrative Blog – EMS Narratives collected and their style analyzed (Haven’t gotten an address yet)
    3. The Awesome EMS Blog – A collection of Awesome EMS things collected from anywhere I can collect awesome EMS things from (http://AwesomeEMS.blogspot.com)
    4. The Internet Kinematics Blog – A collection of videos of people hurting themselves (Come on, you know that you love watching those things as much as I do) with an analysis of the kinematics (Study of the kinetic energy transfer causing injury to a trauma patient) in a humorous sarcastic style (http://idon’tknowyet)


  2. I am working on a featured site where all low-rent bloggers who schlep around the sick and injured for a living can collaborate on their crap. It’s being professionally done. I’ll letcha know when that’s up.


Don’t worry. I like putting this stuff on the net. I’m sticking around

  • Anji

    Pleased to see you’re still there. Sorry I can’t help out with the complicated stuff.

  • Ckemtp

    Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere. I’ve been working on a lot of projects and have been getting too many calls while at work. I usually post during my down time, and these sick people keep pulling me away from my computer. Weird