I Got a Day off Today #2

My lovely fiancé (The wedding is May 30th and yes, we’re riding in a fire truck from the Church to the Reception) is working the BLS truck at the private ambulance service that she works at. They’re busy down there. The service puts up 3 or 4 ALS trucks per day and has one BLS day car. They then try not to use the ALS trucks for any transfers and run the BLS truck ragged. Poor girl. She works her butt off down there.

I like all ALS systems staffed by Medic/Basic trucks for urban EMS. I just think it works better, and while I know that the point is debatable, I have debated it and I think that it makes all the trucks in a service equally useful and allows for better management of resources while not singling out one crew to run their butts off.

I better not do too many of these short posts, she’s going to be home by 5ish and I have to have the house clean.

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