I got a day off today

So be prepared for short quips.

I listen to talk radio and I gotta tell you that I’m scared about what’s going on in our country. Take that as you will, but this isn’t an overtly political blog. That, and the Good Ol’ USA will always prevail because of people like you and me. Individuals are the strength of this country and as we participate, care, and grow stronger we will carry this great nation out of any miasma.

But that’s not what I’m speaking about.

I wish that there could be a grassroots movement in EMS. I want people who put their butts in the seats every shift and slog through the muck that is this profession to take ownership of it. I’ve written about it a lot, but that’s what I believe is needed to save EMS. If we take ownership of it, we will succeed in changing it for the better.

Is anyone with me?