I took care of a patient today. Poor kid, he had a lot of congenital issues and was noncommunicative and deformed. He was completely bedridden and needed constant care. Poor kid.

In treating the condition that he had I put him on an EKG and much to my surprise I saw ST elevation in leads II, III, and AVF.

“Huh?” I said to myself, “this kid is 15. He shouldn’t be having ischemia”

So I did a 12-lead. The ST depression that I saw on the monitor disappeared, but the lifepack 12 print out gave a diagnosis of “Abnormal EKG, Dextrocardia”

The EMT-B that was riding with me to get experience wanted to look at the EKG and I showed it to him. He asked me what “Dextrocardia” was. I told him exactly what it was… um, it is something that I think that I must have learned about in school but forgot about a long time ago. That’s what it is.

So HERE is the Wikipedia link to a search on “Dextrocardia”. Apparently it isn’t what I thought it was which was something to do with dextrose in the heart or something like that. It’s a congenital defect where the heart grows over on the right side of the chest cavity instead of the right. In some cases, it’s a mirror image on the right side, in others; it’s not a mirror image.

I don’t know, just read the article. According to Wikipedia it only happens in one in 12,019 people, which means that if we have around 30000 people in this district that there are two of them that have dextrocardia. I met one of them today I guess.

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