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A post worth reading

Kelly Grayson over at has written a great article on a patient he had exhibiting Wolf Parkinson White syndrome. His “Cardiology Geekery” was one of the best written and most educational articles on the topic that I’ve ever read. I learned something, and so should you. Please come back though 🙂

Holy Crap! UK medics…

Y’all need a taser. Glad that this kind of stuff doesn’t happen where I am much. Medics get attacked all the time, and I am no different… but I’ve never gone through this. I think that here in the states there wouldn’t have been a court case for the perpetrator on this one. I […]

Some Behind the Scenes Info

The post after this, “Clean EMS – A Lifesaving Guide to Ambulance Cleaning” is a loooong one. Wow, I really wrote a bunch there over the 3 or so days that it took me to research and write that one. Probably not many people gonna be gettin down to the bottom of that one on […]

Clean EMS – Lifesaving practices in Ambulance Cleaning

Here is a shocking statistic: According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Nosocomial Infections (or Healthcare Associated Infections – “HAIs”) defined as “… infections which are a result of treatment in a hospital or a healthcare service unit, but secondary to the patient’s original condition” are the 4th leading cause […]

More about The EMT Spot

In addition to finding myself jealous over his CSS and .xml design skills, I found this post over at The EMT Spot. It’s a great read.

I forgot a reciprocal link!

Oopsie! The guys over at The EMT Spot ( included a link to my site in their April EMS Blogosphere round up. I didn’t find it until just now. Here’s a reciprocal link. They’re good guys over there, really.

EMS Week 2009 – Thank You Letter for your Crews

A Thank you letter from Management to EMS crews – In honor of EMS week. Feel free to use it as you wish.

7 calls today so far…

So I’m working the FD today. 7 calls so far. None of them have been particularly interesting. I’m finishing out the back half of the 24 tonight at the other ambulance service. With the wedding coming up at the end of the month I need all of the OT I can get. What if EMS […]

EMS Week 2009 – Letter to the Editor

*** Note!! – I’m getting a lot of traffic sent by Google looking for EMS Week thank you letters. There are more than one on this site. This is just the one that was indexed first and pops up first. Look at the home page to see more. Here is a letter to the editor […]

Lie Back and Do Whatever the Nice Officer Says

File this one under: “Life Training” So I’m on shift the other day and my soon-to-be wife calls me up and announces: “I just got tazed!!” and she seems happy about this. “Come again?” I asked. “I was down at the police department for training, and they asked if there were any more volunteers to […]