EMS Week 2009 – Letter to the Editor

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Here is a letter to the editor that I sent to a local paper in honor of EMS week. You may change the name of the service and the geographic location and use it for your service if you wish. EMS Week is May 17th through the 23rd 2009.


You may never give it a second thought but we’re here for you. When the unthinkable happens Emergency Medical Professionals are standing ready to swoop in and help you and your loved ones. Whether it’s a serious medical condition or accident, EMTs and Paramedics are quietly and heroically performing lifesaving tasks in our communities every day.

EMS Week 2009 will be celebrated this year the week of May 17th to the 23rd. It is a national awareness week highlighting the vital services provided every day by the Emergency Medical Services professionals throughout every community in the United States. Here in (GEOGRAPHIC AREA) we are lucky to be served by dedicated EMTs and Paramedics who give of themselves in many capacities to ensure that our lives are protected.

The (is the 911 ambulance provider for the (GEOGRAPHIC AREA). In addition, we provide (SOME OTHER SERVICES IN SOME AREAS). We would like to thank the citizens in our service area for all of the support that they have given us in the past and would like to take this opportunity to express our continued passion for health in our community. We pledge to continue providing the highest quality Emergency Medical Services and Medical Transportation and to continuously find new and innovative ways to improve our quality and service to our community.

In order to do this we are calling on our citizens to support us by taking a few steps of their own. First, everyone should learn CPR. It is a simple and easy way to make a big impact in the lives of your neighbors and loved ones. With the odds of surviving sudden cardiac arrest decreasing roughly 10% per minute without adequate CPR and Defibrillation, good early CPR saves lives. If everyone knew this lifesaving skill just think of what we could do and who we could save. Please contact our office or your local hospital to find out about upcoming classes.

Second, everyone should learn the warning signs for heart attack and stroke. Studies have shown that 60% of people call a friend or family member when they realize that they may be having a serious medical problem. You should know that approximately 1% of cardiac tissue dies per minute in an untreated heart attack. Paramedic ambulances provide lifesaving medications that can stop or slow down this damage and can be at your side within minutes of a call to 911. This treatment is not only lifesaving, it also can greatly improve your quality of life after the attack.

Again, thank you to our citizens for their support. We encourage the public to say hello to our EMTs and Paramedics as they see them around town and also to contact our office for more information on any of the above topics. Please also see our website at Http://proems.blogspot.com


Ckemtp NREMT-Paramedic

Anytown Ambulance Service and Malt Shop, Inc