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The post after this, “Clean EMS – A Lifesaving Guide to Ambulance Cleaning” is a loooong one. Wow, I really wrote a bunch there over the 3 or so days that it took me to research and write that one.

Probably not many people gonna be gettin down to the bottom of that one on a blog post… I know that, but it’s important information I think. Maybe I can get it printed somewhere.

This week is the wedding! omg omg omg omg omg!

Oh, check out “The Handover” Blog Carnival that I’m in again this go’round. It’s over at this month. He did a great job with it.

Dunno how often I’ll be around this week with the wedding and all that. Hope I can get a post or two in, but it probably won’t be my best stuff.
Can’t wait!

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I am a paramedic trying to advance the idea that the Emergency Medical Services can be made into the profession that we all want it, need it, and know it deserves to be.

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