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I can’t resist, I love the fail blog

see more Fail Blog Soooooo, one would wonder how the ambulance crew wrote up this AMA refusal form.

Love it – Courtesy of the Fail Blog

see more Fail Blog I love the “Fail Blog” – Http:// If you don’t go there, you should go there. It is just indescribably awesome

Not EMS – Mainstream Media vs. New Media (#45.3455) The mainstream media is whining about the whole, you know, internet thing. You see, apparently citizens posting information on the web beats the speed of which information can be published by journalists. This is a problem for them, because they have built their entire business model on their need for “profitability”. Which I agree […]

Yet another Shoutout to Happy

Your Happy Medic – has written a great post on the history and traditions surrounding fire department uniforms. It looks like he put a lot of work and research into it. It’s a great read.

I love New Orleans

Found this blogger from The Handover – He apparently is a New Orleans Medic and has some, well, entertaining stuff on there. Gkemtb and I were reminiscing about our collective time spent there yesterday and we agreed that New Orleans is unlike any other city in the world. Therefore, an EMS blog from there… […]

OMG, really? Yes, I broke down and did it… this is about M. Jackson

Did you ever hear about the entire population of a Filipino prison that did a choreographed dance to “Thriller” by MJ? They did it again… I think that they deserve to be in there, for this if for nothing else… The prison, that is,

Slow day so far

Today is a fairly slow day at the fire station. Three calls so far on this reverse 24 and tonight is the first time I get to sleep in my own bed with the cats and the wife (not necessarily in that order) for like 2 weeks almost. Tomorrow brings a regular 24, and the […]

Paramedicine, politics, guns, a little country western music

Too Old to work, too young to retire: This is rapidly becoming one of my favorite blogs. He rocks. He deserves a front page link, and your clicks too. He’s a good guy. – That link again, go read it and then come back.

Enough to make an Old Medic Melt

I’ll admit it. Lately it’s been getting harder to do EMS. I didn’t want to say anything about it but in my part of the country there are only a few specific ways that one can make a good living providing EMS and being the best medic that you can be isn’t always one of […]

I’m debating something

Ok, so we all know that The King of Pop, good ol’ MJ is dead. I’m not one to disrespect the dead, and I liked “Beat it” and “Thriller”. I did. I grew up in the um, decades that they were popular. but I just found a pic on twitter of MJ being coded. I […]

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