Enough: EMS 2.0

Your Happy Medic, one of my favorite EMS bloggers who is waaay better at this than I am has written a great post that I’m linking to: HERE

In response, Medicblog999, our buddy from the UK wrote a response, that I’m linking to: HERE.

Happy states that there are parts of the UK model that would work well here in the US. Medic999 points out that he’s right, but that the education and confidence in the provider is the key to success with the program.

You won’t find any disagreement from me.

Happy has come up with the term “EMS 2.0” to describe the changes that He believes EMS should make as an industry in order to become a true profession and meet the challenges that lay ahead. I am going to champion that cause on this blog and I envision that the EMS blogosphere will follow suit.

Hang on folks, this may be the change that we can believe in, and I don’t mean the kind that just wins elections.

  • The Happy Medic

    Thanks for the nod, CK.

    It's not just a slogan, as you mentioned, but an attempt to gather ideas and concepts that are working from across the nation and world to find out what works and what doesn't.

    See you in the interwebs,