Good Post on “Rescuing Providence”

The good Lieutenant over at “Rescuing Providence” has written a good and touching post on one of the simple pleasures in EMS.

Since the wedding (OMG! Today is my 1 week anniversary and I haven’t gotten Gkemtb a gift yet!) (Awwww, I think I’m gonna get a cavity) (Cuz I’m so sweet)

Where was I? Oh yea. Since the wedding I haven’t had time to write any long posts. I’m going to work on it today because I’m on fire shift and so far have been practicing for the recliner racing 500. That’s one of the reasons that I’ve been putting up so many short posts and have been linking to the other great EMS bloggers. The other reasons involve the fact that the EMS blogosphere has been getting really, really good lately and every darn EMS person in the world could benefit from the knowledge and wisdome being put out there every day by my peers in the EMS blogosphere.

Have a great day folks, stay tuned.