A sick medic is a lazy blogger

Thursday I came down with something. Sore throat, sinus gook, earache, fever of 102 point something. I was sick. I ended up going home sick from shift that day and I haven’t gotten better yet. I’ve been working, but not feeling good at all. Then last shift I ended up being awake for 24hrs straight running calls. Yesterday, after getting off of that nonsense and getting some time to sleep, I woke up with bilateral pink eye.

So that was enough to get me to go to the Doc. He’s a PA-C, actually, and a buddy of mine. He chastised me for not seeking care soon enough. I guess if I would have I wouldn’t have had to miss work last night and wouldn’t have been a lazy blogger lately.

Today I’m parked firmly at home. Gkemtb won’t let me leave the house. I can’t run volunteer calls for fear of infecting someone else and I’m washing my hands every 5min or so. Yay. My eyes have finally cleared up enough so that I can see again, so I’m hoping to get some writing done. Here’s hoping.

Hope y’all out there are doing well.

  • medicblog999

    Your just yet another addition to the epidemic of sick ems bloggers out here. I've lost count of how many of us are off work at the moment.

    It's official, blogging is bad for your health!!

  • Dani

    It's never any fun being sick. The roomies are sick and I'm hoping not to catch it. Here's hoping for a quick recovery!

    Happy writing!

  • Ckemtp

    See the post above this for the update.

    Do you think that they'll name a disease after us?