The Happy Medic does a great bit on his blog entitled: “You make the call”. In these posts, he lays out a situation and invites the audience to comment on what it is that they would do.
As a currently ill paramedic/blogger, I think that I can do this too. You see, today is my first day back to work after my recent illness. I thought that I was mostly over it and well on the road to recovery… until this afternoon when a rather explosive gastrointestinal thing happened that I won’t get into other than to say um… oh, I guess this happened to a “friend”.

Yea, a “friend”.

Anyway, so you are driving around town in your ALS intercept vehicle talking to your friend’s wife… Um, I mean your wife if you are the friend (this is confusing) when you hear a neighboring service that you would be due to respond to for ALS assistance get a call for a roll-over auto accident on a rural highway. Nobody is on scene yet and you don’t know if they’re going to need your paramedical skills because they’re about ten to fifteen minutes from making the scene.

Then it hits you… the explosive gastrointestinal thing. (I mean, it hits your friend)

What do you do?

Do you float towards the call in the chance that they might need you for the wreck and take the chance of an unfortunate gastrointestinal incident?

Or, do you beat feet to the station and fix your immediate medical condition so that an unfortunate personal gastrointestinal incident does not, in fact happen? Who knows if they’re going to need you, um… I mean, need your friend.

You make the call…


They didn’t need my friend, and all turned out to be well when my friend went to the station. Good thing there are lights and sirens on those trucks

  • The Happy Medic

    Stop at the nearest Long John Silver's and use the can while you can.
    No point in suffering through the intense gastrointestinal thing a the scene, then enroute only to delay report to the trauma team by saying "Excuse me for a moment."

    Same as taking a quick tinkle prior to rolling out on anything that sounds major.

    I made the call!

  • Ckemtp

    Excellent. I just happened to be close to the station. I mean my friend just happened to be close to the station.

    Wouldn't Long John Silver's be the cause of that type of distress though? So delicious, yet so… evacuative.