CPR Fail – Shout out to Ambulancedriverfiles


Kelly, over at Ambulancedriverfiles, has an interesting post. Like me, he uses Sitemeter to trak how many hits he gets, how those hits get to his site, and even the search terms in google that get people to him.

He got the one that you saw up there. Look at the Google search words.

OMFG is all I can say. That’s a 911 awareness fail if I ever say one. Wow. I have written about how PR saves lives a lot. I strongly believe that the more we get the word out on how to properly use 911 (or 999 for you Limeys – HA! Limeys) the more lives will be saved.

So let his post be a rallying cry for you all to get out there and promote the proper use of 911.

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