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I’ve been struggling trying to come up with a proper post for this month’s edition of “The Handover” Blog carnival. The theme, this month, is “Communication” and since communication is so essential to EMS, I’ve been starting and stopping posts as my ADD has reared its ugly head and kept popping new and better ideas into my head.

So here I sit in the station. We’ve run four calls, detailed the ladder truck, and now “Mythbusters” is on the tube. Laptop-on-lap, I’m trying to put forth something worthy of my fellow EMS bloggers.

Here are some of the ideas that I’ve had thus far:

  • I could rehash my “Soapy Pictures – The EMS Narrative Report” post. It’s good, not great, but good. It’s about writing a proper EMS narrative report. I guess that it’s about EMS communication.
  • I could put my “Oh No You didn’t” Rant about people calling us Ambulance Drivers on the Handover. THAT one was fun to write, but it’s been done already.

Everything in EMS is communication. There’s just so much to write about. We communicate with the public that we’re responding to an emergency when we turn on our lights and sirens. We communicate with our partners when we give them the “GO GET THE COT AND LETS DRIVE REALLY FAST TO A CATH LAB” look after running a 12-lead EKG. We communicate with our patients when we educate them about their medical condition and ask questions doing our assessments.

However, I think that I’d like to write about what I believe to be the most significant change in EMS communication that I’ve ever seen: The EMS Blogosphere.

A while back ago, an EMT-Basic asked me how I had learned so much about EMS in general. Since I’m an EMS geek and regularly challenge people to stump me with questions, he figured that I might have some secret to how I learn things.

I told him that I read articles. At least two or three magazine articles a day most days. Now, I also read blogs. I’m on at least four or five different blogs per day. They are a treasure trove of information about the profession that I love. You can find information about everything as experienced through the eyes of your peers. Best practices in EMS are broadcast for the world to see at the speed of light. Injustices are exposed. Light is shown upon the good and the bad in the profession and mediocrity now has nowhere to hide.

The rapid progress of our profession has begun. EMS 2.0 (as HappyMedic calls it) is on the horizon. All you have to do to usher in the positive change is: Read, write, and participate.

We all have a voice. Use yours, hear others. Collaborate. Share. Support your favorite bloggers by referring your peers to read their stuff. Buy stuff from their sponsors. Remember, it’s all for a higher purpose.

Sorry about the short handover post, you’ll get one of my trademark way-too-long ones next time. If this wasn’t enough… Read This One about kneeling in poo. Or This One written by a guest blogger about our families.


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I am a paramedic trying to advance the idea that the Emergency Medical Services can be made into the profession that we all want it, need it, and know it deserves to be.

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