Slow day so far

Today is a fairly slow day at the fire station. Three calls so far on this reverse 24 and tonight is the first time I get to sleep in my own bed with the cats and the wife (not necessarily in that order) for like 2 weeks almost. Tomorrow brings a regular 24, and the day after brings another reverse 24, which means another night not at home.

But today is ok. It’s beautiful out, and not just the “nice day” kind of beautiful. It’s really, freakin, pretty outside. This is probably why. Well, that and the sunshine and blue skies.

I’ve spent most of my day on the couch after getting the house chores done. I’ve been blogging, reading some really cool stuff from my fellow EMS bloggers, and watching the “Lethal Weapon” marathon on some cable channel. Man, sometimes I wish I was a hollywood cop so I could shoot things, blow things up, drive a car through a building, and then go to a strip joint to “work on the case”. Man, I musta chose the wrong profession.

Random Acts of Reality, a Brit medic blogger wrote a good post:
It’s about domestic violence… well, and the superhuman restraint that we all sometimes have to show. It’s a good read.

  • Walt Trachim

    Pointed to your blog by TOTWTYTR.

    Very nice.

    Any objections if I add you to my blog roll?

  • Ckemtp

    No problem at all my friend. I'm groovin to the slow jam your blog's puttin into my speakers as we speak.

    I'm putting your link in as we speak, if not for the excellent content, for the sweet tunes.