Not EMS – Mainstream Media vs. New Media (#45.3455)

The mainstream media is whining about the whole, you know, internet thing. You see, apparently citizens posting information on the web beats the speed of which information can be published by journalists.

This is a problem for them, because they have built their entire business model on their need for “profitability”. Which I agree is important. In the article, they also state that they have a need for “accuracy” that the bloggers and other new media types don’t necessarily have.

And if you’ve been reading me for a while, you know that I think that the MSM has abandoned its responsibility for “accuracy” as well, but that’s another post.

However, I would like to state another point of view on the matter. I would like to state my opinon that since nobody with any grasp of importance, reality, or responsibility would care to know the exact second that MJ died the social media aren’t reaching more than a small percentage of the population. I’d also like to state that there are tons of these types of stories that no rational person should give more than a passing fancy towards. The socal media may have the greater speed and no real concerns towards the 100% accuracy that the MSM should (but doesn’t)… However, the MSM has the ability to report stories that real people actually care about. Social media does too, but since the above blog post is about what I would consider to be a “fluff” story and that’s what seems to always be the case in these types of stories, I would say that the MSM can beat the social media by being relavant to people who don’t care about knowing what the latest happenings with whoever-hollywood-couple-the-kids-are-prattling-on-about-these-days.

Don’t quake in your boots CNN, at least not about this…