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More on EMS Narrative Reporting

More tips and examples you can use to improve your EMS narrative report writing.

The Insanely long work week – Part 14 2/3

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[youtube=] This has been my shifts so far. One really good save at the start of it, then… well, this. I was the cat at the end. I envision that there’s an epic fail coming up

Awesome! – Emergency! is on!

Sitting in the crew quarters (The ones we call “The Condos” here at this job). Partner is flipping channels and up pops… Emergency! Yay! Blogging be over for me for a while, gotta watch my boy Johnny rappel down a building to work a code on a scaffolding. Oh no! He just dropped his hat! […]

The Insanely Long Shift – Notes from a forced insomniac

I am currently on an insanely long shift. Call me irresponsible, call me crazy, call me whatever… but between my two EMS jobs, I am currently working a less-than-two week stretch with 178 scheduled hours. Yea… 178 freakin hours at work. I don’t get to sleep at home this week with Gkemtb at all. Not […]

The Handover – June ’09 Edition

BasicsDoc took on The Handover blog carnival this month. As always, there’s a ton of excellent articles from my fellow EMS bloggers. It’s all “must read” stuff. Great stuff. Good Job Doc. Remember, “Support your local EMS Blogosphere!”

My First…

I can still smell the freshly cut grass baking in the summer sun and feel the breeze chasing leaves through the trees. Just one thought brings me back there to that time, to that place. My life forever changed as another life ended and I tried in vain to save it. I was young, naïve, […]

The EMS Blogosphere, saving lives and our profession

I’ve been struggling trying to come up with a proper post for this month’s edition of “The Handover” Blog carnival. The theme, this month, is “Communication” and since communication is so essential to EMS, I’ve been starting and stopping posts as my ADD has reared its ugly head and kept popping new and better ideas […]

Video – Rockford, Illinois – Train derails and explodes during severe thunderstorm

June 19th, 2009 – Rockford, IL So last night, I was working my ambulance job in Wisconsin and MISSED THIS. My Illinois Fire Department sent an engine and a chief through the MABAS system who are still there. I don’t have all the details, but apparently a severe thunderstorm washed out railroad tracks which caused […]

A very cool site

Want to learn something? This site: Http:// is the flavor of CPR I do. I’ve been getting some real “Kick the Grim Reaper in the Balls” saves with it. You should read about it too.

Hey, UK people, Explain this for me

This link – is to a story that I just found coming out of the UK. It’s about a young, single mother who “did not know that she was pregnant for 27 weeks”. The story is about the UK social services (and I don’t know how your governmental divisions work over there) taking the young […]

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