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A sick medic is a lazy blogger

Thursday I came down with something. Sore throat, sinus gook, earache, fever of 102 point something. I was sick. I ended up going home sick from shift that day and I haven’t gotten better yet. I’ve been working, but not feeling good at all. Then last shift I ended up being awake for 24hrs straight […]

Good Post on “Rescuing Providence”

The good Lieutenant over at “Rescuing Providence” has written a good and touching post on one of the simple pleasures in EMS. Since the wedding (OMG! Today is my 1 week anniversary and I haven’t gotten Gkemtb a gift yet!) (Awwww, I think I’m gonna get a cavity) (Cuz I’m so sweet) Where was […]

Enough: EMS 2.0

Your Happy Medic, one of my favorite EMS bloggers who is waaay better at this than I am has written a great post that I’m linking to: HERE In response, Medicblog999, our buddy from the UK wrote a response, that I’m linking to: HERE. Happy states that there are parts of the UK model that […]

A warning to the EMS Blogosphere The above link is to an essay written by a Paramedic from the State of Kansas who got into a very large amount of trouble by being less than flattering in a blog post that he wrote about a specific patient. There is no link to the actual blog that I know of, but […]

A Shoutout to Happy Medic Happy Medic had a great post. Here it is. I’m married!!! Yay!!!

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