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The Handover Blog Carnival – July 2009

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Trauma Queen – has done the honor of hosting this month’s edition of “The Handover” She did an excellent job of bringing together some old friends and some new editions to the carnival. Head on over there and check her, I mean it, out 🙂 – Oh, and here’s my contibution for this […]

I got “got”

“So, is this your first time in an ambulance?” I ask, cheerily. “Yea, it is” states a good number of the patients I care for. “Great! Mine too!” I say, while preparing to jab them with a sharp object in order to start an IV. I then go on to tell them that “Humor is […]

Ok that’s it… we’re all screwed! Really? Seriously? “ATTACKED?” OMG. If a “Robot springs to life and attacks a worker” we’re all just screwed. I saw The Terminator, I know what can happen. Did my pulse ox just beep? I wasn’t touching it. WHY IS THE EKG LOOKING AT ME FUNNY?!?! I think I need some time off.

Interesting Development with Twitter This story came out of the Chicago area. It’s interesting and definitely of note to the social media crowd. How will these types of developments affect all of us as things like this continue to play out? Remember, 100% truth is a 100% defense.

Dear Chief… Ckemtp has an “oopsie”

I’m sorry. Look, I said I was sorry. That’s supposed to make things better, right? You could say that I was stupid. I’m pretty willing to say that most days. I’ve always said that I will never cease to be amazed by the depths of my own idiocy. However, this time I would like to […]

“Mouthbreaders” (sic) – “Reqired” reading

I was perusing some of my favorite highly intellectual online literature this morning (Namely, and came across this comment after one of the articles claiming to “debunk” a bunch of “political conspiracies”. Yes, I really like… however they really need to depoliticize. I’m a very politically active guy most of the time, and […]

Random funnyness

see more Lolcats and funny pictures Sorry I’ve been so busy y’all. Just got a big project done tonight and I’m hoping it pays off! Any and all positive energy flowing my way will be appreciated 🙂

An Interesting approach to medical malpractice I found this while cruising the web last night. I wonder if this would work for EMS. In my personal experience? Yep, it sure does. I’ve never been sued. In the ten years that I’ve been practicing I’ve treated thousands of patients, and yes.. I’ve probably messed up once or twice. I’ve always said […]

Socialized Medicine in the US – Everyone! Please read this and LOOK AT THE FREAKING CHART This article is from a congressional newsletter and has information presented by both sides. Please read it. Then e-mail it. Then link to it. Thanks y’all.

100 posts? Wow… Really? How about a clip show?

see more Lolcats and funny pictures Once again, Thank you you make station time ever much so more bearable. The above picture sums up a lot of what I think EMS needs. There’s a lot of birdies standing upright on the wires in EMS. We’ve been standing there for years. Who among us is […]

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