Some resources I use daily

One of my jobs that I don’t blog about much happens to be for an agency that is responsible for responding to disasters. I don’t write about it much, because I want this job to be about my first professional love, which is EMS. However, with this job, I have had the opportunity to travel the nation and meet some awesome people. I’ve gotten in on a lot of cool things and have done things that I wouldn’t have gotten to do without the job. It’s facinating to get a federal eye view of emergency response and there are some publicly available resources that I’d like to post up here. I read these every day and you should too, if you’re interested in these kinds of things. – FEMA’s National Situation Report (SitRep)

Every day, the Office of Preparedness and Response puts out the National Sitrep. The publicly available version is published up here on weekdays. It includes vital statistics, upcoming disaster-type threats, wildfire stats, and briefings on national disasters. I read it to see where I might be going on a day-to-day basis. Usually I stay home and run EMS and Fire, but for a few months each year I get to be on-call. Yesterday I placed myself on call and I’m subject to 48hrs notice to be somewhere in the country to do something.

Who knows, maybe Ckemtp is coming to a town near you!

(Interesting side note: I spent a good part of my summer in LaPorte, IN last year. I have a regular reader from there that never comments *ahem*. I wanna know how the fishing is going! Leave a comment!)

The other every site I visit this time of year is the National Hurricane Center – – If you’re in the potential path of a hurricane, you should visit this site, a lot. Most of the other weather outlets just parrot this information. This is the most up-to-date.

Sorry about the slow posting lately, folks. I’m working on a few things for your enjoyment. Gonna need a lot of participation from my visitors though. I want to remake EMS and we’re going to have to band together. Ya in?