I got a day off today – Randomness

Howdy all those of you out there! Today is a momentous occasion in Ckemtp history! I actually have a day off!

Scary, ain’t it?

So, to make myself not go crazy, I’m dramatically cleaning the house (Yes, Gkemtb, I am cleaning the house) and I also promised to take the boy fishing. We’ll see how much I get done. So for today, I’m going to mess around with my blog a lot. Stay tuned folks, stay tuned.

Lessee if I can get a debate going in my contacts: British style or US style of ambulances, which are better?

I like red lights and real sirens. Blue lights and car horns? Hmmm, limeys….

  • medicblog999

    Blue lights and car horns eh????

    I don't know, you yanks, always got to be bigger and better!!
    Me thinks it's all compensation for smaller genitals!! 🙂

  • Ckemtp

    Ahhh, so the Brit just *had* to go for the genetalia joke eh? Sorry I've been slow to comment back but I've been trying to get video of our ambulance just so you can compare.

    Ya know, to yer, um, whatchacallem thingies over there.

    You guys call the "Cot" the "lorrie" what the heck is that? 🙂