Shoutout to EpiJunky

EpiJunkie over at PinkWarmandDry wrote a post summarizing her thoughts and feelings as she watched one of her patients die in front of her during the whole M. Jackson thing.

Really, she sums it up exceptionally well.

My thoughts on the MJ thing are this. Who cares? People die all the time. Some deserve to moreso than others. Yes, that’s pretty callous… but the media doesn’t celebrate the lives of the people who they should. I’ve had good friends pass over the years, we all have. There were around 600 people at my father’s funeral (in a town of 400 people) and we didn’t even have media coverage. He was the small town fire chief and had spent his life helping his community and saving others. MJ sang some catchy songs.

I know that the media isn’t in touch any more, but the MJ thing illustrates just how out of touch with reality that they are.

She says it better than I do: