CHECK OUT THE NEW LAYOUT! And other randomness

Like the layout? I did it myself and I’m proud of it.

Yep, it ain’t all that great… but it’s something that I did myself and I likes it.

That is not to say, though, that it’s not going to change. A lot. Over the next undetermined length of time.

Happy put a cool music video up the other day. It was really good, and it showed to his audience that he’s, well, trendy and cool. Here’s something that I like to show you that I’m trendy and cool too.


But you’ll probably just think that I’m werid. Any comments on the layout? I’d love feedback.

  • Firecap5


    That is one minute and 20 seconds of my life I am never getting back.

    BUT! I like the new layout, it is a big improvement!

  • Ckemtp

    I played that down at the station house a year or two ago. Everybody hated it… and when they would randomly start singing it to themselves they would yell at me.

    Mission accomplished!

    Thanks for the positive feedback on the layout. Keep it coming please.

  • Walt Trachim

    I'm likin' it too. Very nice…

  • Ckemtp

    Hey thanks!

    But did you like the video? 🙂

  • Walt Trachim

    Yeah, I did – it has a very Zappa-esque feel to it….. 🙂

  • Ckemtp

    You'll be singing it for weeks 😉 heh heh heh

  • The Happy Medic

    Darn it if the speakers are out on the emachines, but I liked seeing Kitteh dance.

    Layout looks nice.


    And I appreciate the trendy comment. That is going on my resume.

  • Ckemtp

    Play it down at the firehouse next time you're on duty. The guys will "love" ya for it.

    Oh, and BTW thanks for providing fodder for the blog. Whenever I get writers block I just say "I wonder what Happy did lately?" and just link to it.

    Same way with Medic999.

    What are you guys gonna do with "The Project" when he has the "Rider Effect" and you get skunked 3 shifts in a row?

  • medicblog999

    I bet you were just THE kid to know in school!

    I must be as sad as you are cause I loved the video! Had me smilin away. Blogs lookin good too!!
    The only thing that I think could be a 'little' better ( if you want my humble opinion ) is to maybe seperate your header photo from your title, or change the colour of the letters in you title name so that it stands out a bit more. But hey, I use a wordpress template so who am I to comment!!

    "cats, I'm a kitty cat…….da dum dum dum, da dum dum dum!!!!!"

    LOVE it!

  • Ckemtp

    Why am I awake right now? It's 2am here… oh THAT'S right.. I'm at work and calls are rolling in now that I attempted sleeping.

    I fought with that header for like 3 freakin hours today! Aaaaargh…

    Here's the upcoming solution. That picture was taken by our department's awesome (and I mean Awesome) photographer who rolls out with us on good scenes. I (very nicely) asked her today if she had a pic that is compatible with putting the title up. If anyone else has an idea, I'm more than willing to accept the help.

    It's all quiet here in "The Condos" (where we sleep and hang out) There's 3 coworkers attempting sleep. Just blared out the Kitty Cat Song.

    Oh, and in High School? Hey! I was cool! I got a Varsity Letter (US thing) in…. In… show choir…