I’m a drug pusher, I guess

Hey City Medics, I got a question for you!

I hypothesize that country medics push more medications than city medics do. I’ve always found that I push more meds when I’m working rural ALS than I do when I’m working urban EMS. It’s weird. Even though I usually got more total calls in the urban setting, the patients were a lot sicker in the rural areas.

For example, I just got off a 48hr shift. During that shift the service I worked for ran 19 calls. I the was primary caregiver for 11 of them. In those 11 calls, I pushed the following meds:

Diphenhydramine x 2
Solu-Medrol x 2
Odansetron (zofran)

And I don’t know if it counts, but I transferred someone on a levaquin drip. The patient went anaphylaptic to it during transport and got my first round of diphenhydramine and solu-medrol.

I dunno, it seemed like more before I wrote it down. Just a lotta the same drugs I guess. Like an anaphylaxis theme party with pain control thrown in the mix.

Hope everyone’s doin awesome. Thanks for coming!

  • The Happy Medic

    I see the same thing, most days. The abuse is rampant in our system and because of the larger volume of sub-BLS clients, the ALS folks are fewer and farther in between.

    My last shift of 48 was on 2 different engines, totaling 33 bells(27/6). I had 2 full codes, but no other ALS interventions.

    Folks out yonder just wait longer, I think.

  • JS

    I agree! I have worked in urban ems and suburban EMS. I'm alway busier in the city, but the most serious claals I have seen have been inthe suburbs, minus thr GSW's. JS

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