100 posts? Wow… Really? How about a clip show?

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Once again, Thank you www.Icanhascheezburger.com you make station time ever much so more bearable.

The above picture sums up a lot of what I think EMS needs. There’s a lot of birdies standing upright on the wires in EMS. We’ve been standing there for years.

Who among us is going to um, well.. hang upside down, and change the system? We need it. EMS needs it. Our patients need it. It’s time to change the system and the world. It’s why I started this blog, why I will continue writing stuff about EMS, and why I ask you to keep coming back and supporting me.

I really appreciate you all out there on the interwebs. You make this worth it.

So, since this is my hundredth post, and since I have a lot more of a following now than I did about one hundred posts ago, I’m doing a “clip show” of sorts. Here are some links to articles I’m proud of that you might not have seen. Enjoy 🙂 Thank you all so much.

Post #1 “Why Am I Doing This?” – My explanation for this blog
Post #8 “Cat Puke Chicken” – An oldie but a goodie
Post #3 “The Shine Factor” – I really liked this one and honestly thought that it would have caught on. It’s a great organizational management piece. If you haven’t read it, please do.
Post #? “The Shine Factor #2” – I wrote this on how to make a good grunt.
Post #?. “The Shine Factor #3” – How to make a good ambulance service.
Post #? “Oh No You Didn’t” – This one was my first submission to The Handover. It’s a rant.
Post #? (I lost count) “Lie Back and do Whatever the Nice Officer Says” – I took a tazer for love
Post #? “To Kneel or not to Kneel” – I wrote this about kneeling in poo
Post #? “Huddled Masses, Healthcare, Honor, EMS” – I wrote this on illegal immigration, it’s a bit political… but still appropriate for this blog.
Post #? “Enough to make an old medic melt” – A really “Awwww” moment I had on a call.
Post #? “Why Does Being a paramedic Seem So Worthless Sometimes?” – Nuff Said

I don’t think that you will all read those, but if you see something you’ve missed, feel free to lend me a click.

Thanks for coming, y’all.