Socialized Medicine in the US – Everyone! Please read this and LOOK AT THE FREAKING CHART

This article is from a congressional newsletter and has information presented by both sides. Please read it. Then e-mail it. Then link to it.

Thanks y’all.

  • The Happy Medic

    "Blocking a chart" is ridiculous. Tax payer funds to send it out is a waste of my tax dollars. If they believe in something so much, use their own money or that of the special interests, on both sides.
    I read the chart and followed it very clearly. A similar chart was provided from my Private Health care plan, the one i pay 26% of my salary to. The only difference is the giant square in the middle that says "BCBS." Add that 26% to the 36% tax rate and…well…
    Our insurance now has themselves planted firmly between me and my doctor, denying and delaying, all while taking my premiums. And we're healthy.

    This is a hot button issue indeed, I admire you for bringing it up here. I can not bring my self to jump into the political spectrum in my forum, I would go insane.
    I personally can't wait until folks start paying their share so I don't have to anymore. I'll gladly pay a 10% tax increase to lose my 26% "tax" healthcare plan fee now. that's a 16% raise for me right off the bat.
    This chart deserves to be seen, read, challenged or accepted but not on the tax payer's dime.