“Mouthbreaders” (sic) – “Reqired” reading

I was perusing some of my favorite highly intellectual online literature this morning (Namely, www.cracked.com) and came across this comment after one of the articles claiming to “debunk” a bunch of “political conspiracies”. Yes, I really like Cracked.com… however they really need to depoliticize. I’m a very politically active guy most of the time, and even I keep my politics out of my blog. Their job is to ENTERTAIN. Not to INFORM AND EDCUATE PEOPLE TO THEIR POLITICAL VIEWS.

Because when they do, they get comments like this one J

“Government regulation is reqired simply because a frighteningly large percentage of the population is uneducated, retarted, selfish, greedy or in other ways not in any way fit to do what is best for the common good. When s**t like global warming is threatening to royally f**k our childrens and grandshildres world up, then the people who actually knows the facts and are charged to take care of the people on behalf of the people has to take action. The only people who are supposed only have our best in mind is our selves and the elected government (sadly, government is corrupted all to often and serve the people who pay them off in stead of the people who elect them), and the government is probably also privy to all the best information before the rest of the people most of the time. If you wait for all the mouthbreaders out there (who often find fancy themselves to be quite clever for NOT believing in established fact like global warming and evolution) to learn how to read, then nothing will ever get done, or the world will be led by greedy tycoons only interested in money for more golf clubs and expensive whores. To many people are f*****g dumb, and the people who are not need to take care of them like passengers on societies short buss. If you let them near the scissors of uneducated decisionmaking they will poke their eyes out through the back of their heads before you can say “Go ahead”.”

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand: Scene.

Yes, I know. Comments on humor sites aren’t known for their accuracy, grammatical correctness, intelligence, or well… Except for RIGHT HERE ON THIS BLOG they’re only good for making yourself feel smarter. I felt a LOT smarter after I read this one. Then… scared.

While I gotta agree that the guy who wrote the above should experience more regulation probably in the form of institutionalization, it’s scary when you realize that HE probably considers himself one of the “enlightened” people who are “smart” enough to not need the regulation that he speaks of.

Really, he does not want you to wait for the “mouthbreaders” (sic) “who often fancy themselves to be quite clever” to “learn how to read”. I repeat, he does NOT.

Ok, that’s my little rant. I really screwed the pooch this morning (for those of you “mouthbreaders” out there, that means I F’d up big) at work and I need to make fun of others to make myself feel better. I’ll post it after I get changed from working my 24 yesterday.

  • The Happy Medic

    I'm curious to see these "scissors of uneducated decision making."

    And we see what happens when we cut education funding.

    Hope all is well after what you mentioned at the end.

  • Ckemtp

    Yea, jusst a minor inconvenience. You'll see from the blog post coming up after the little nap I just got.

    No patients were harmed in the mess-up. Just aggrivation. I don't guess I'll be in trouble for it, just picked on mercilessly by coworkers.

  • Walt Trachim

    I'm inclined to agree with you about this one. Just reading it made me both shake my head and shutter at the same time.

    I have no other words.