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I got a day off today – Randomness

Howdy all those of you out there! Today is a momentous occasion in Ckemtp history! I actually have a day off! Scary, ain’t it? So, to make myself not go crazy, I’m dramatically cleaning the house (Yes, Gkemtb, I am cleaning the house) and I also promised to take the boy fishing. We’ll see how […]

I bought “Blogger for Dummies”

Howdy everyone. Yesterday I went out and bought “Google Blogger for Dummies” (and no, this is not a paid listing, I actually went out and bought it) So the warning is this. For the next coupla days I’m going to be really editing the layout. Watch for the changes. If you have any tips for […]

Shoutout to the Change of Shift Blog carnival

Entry Img

This is pretty much a repost of Medic999’s shoutout to the Change of Shift blog carnival. He’s in this month’s edition of the carnival, which has been running for a long while now (4 years!) and was founded by Emergiblog. So go check it out, it’s a great carnival. It’s mostly bedpan jockeys (I mean, […]

Some resources I use daily

One of my jobs that I don’t blog about much happens to be for an agency that is responsible for responding to disasters. I don’t write about it much, because I want this job to be about my first professional love, which is EMS. However, with this job, I have had the opportunity to travel […]

Shoutout to Graph Jam

see more Funny Graphs Gotta admit one of my geeky secrets. I like – Partially because it’s kind of funny, partially because I’m a data geek (The Great Red Data Ninja is one of my alter egos), and partially because and don’t get updated enough to feed my addiction. Stay Tuned. I’m […]

I’m a Volunteer Paramedic/Firefighter and Dang Proud of it

Sorry about the depressing line of posts lately. I’ll cheer up (but still, please read them). Here’s something positive for y’all I am a proud member of my small town’s volunteer fire department. I’ve always been on the volunteer fire department wherever I’ve lived. It is a big part of my life, one that I […]

Why does being a Paramedic seem so worthless sometimes?

This isn’t a happy post. I love EMS and love being a paramedic. I love the job, love taking care of the patients, and love the challenge, excitement, and challenge. I’ve always said that EMS is an abusive, co-dependent relationship for me. I need it and really, I’ve always thought that it kind of needs […]

Happy Fourth of July

Happy 4th America! I hope everyone is celebrating with friends and family. I hope every on-duty crew is slow today. I hope every station grill has enough propane. I hope everyone remembers what this holiday is for. I hope nobody blows themselves up with fireworks. Happy 4th everyone.

When God made Paramedics

Usually I don’t get into emotional fluff or “hero-worship” type stuff… but this one’s an oldie but a goodie. I didn’t write it, I don’t know who did… but as I sit here with my beautiful Gkemtb at my side and my kitty on the other side, I wax poetic… Maybe it’s the beer? ———————————–When […]

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