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A sincere Thank YOU – and some behind the scenes info

Today is a day of rest, and so was yesterday honestly, at least as far as the blog is concerned. Gkemtp(it) is making me do honey do’s all day. There’s a lot, being that I’ve been working almost 100hrs per week and haven’t had much time to do them. So there’s a lot of work […]

Linky stuff – Great EMS/Fire blog

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In case you haven’t been keeping up with the blogroll over on the side, you may have not seen that I put up “Notes from Mosquito Hill” over there. Mack505 writes it and I really am liking his stuff. If you haven’t been there, go check it out. Then come back.. please.

The Handover is coming! The Handover is coming!

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Coming soon to Life Under the Lights, The Handover Blog Carnival! Yes, Medic999 has convinced me to put my money where my mouth is and host an edition of the Famous EMS Blog Carnival. Hopefully I can live up to the heavy expectations of the readers and fill the big shoes of the bloggers who […]

Still more Everyday EMS Ethics – End of Life Declarations

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I’ve been on this kick lately for medical ethics in EMS. Ethics, as you might agree, are important things to have. Unfortunately, when one is looking at ethics one gets asked uncomfortable questions, like this one: Imagine you’re in the back of an ambulance with a patient on a long-distance transfer. During the transfer, the […]

Everyday Ethics for EMS Providers

Mike left a comment on the last post I wrote “EMS Politics, Medical Ethics, and… What would you do?” with a good quote that I’d like to bring the forefront of discussion: “Your next call could be your last call”. That sentence sums up something that I’ve always said about EMS quite nicely. Bravo to […]

“The Handover” is Coming!! Oh, and some changes to the blog.

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This is just a reminder for everyone that the new edition of “The Handover” Blog Carnival, the Finest EMS Blog Carnival, is coming up soon! It is being hosted by Medic999 who is saying that this is the biggest blog carnival yet! The theme for this month is “First Call” and is featuring EMS Bloggers […]

EMS Politics, Medical Ethics, and… What would you do?

You’re sitting in your station playing one of your coworker’s new High-Tech Advanced Video Game System on shift one day. It’s so freaking cool you think. Man, I gotta get me one of these. You’re just getting the hang of really splattering those aliens on the walls of the rogue spaceship when: “Doooo DOOOOOO!!” go […]

Treat Here? Treat There?

Walking through the door of the well kept home you can hear the patient gurgling every time they suck air into their lungs. He’s breathing fast and those lungs sound wet. When you round the corner, you see the man sitting in the tripod position working, really working hard, to breathe in and out. He’s […]

New Adventures

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This morning was a momentous event in the lives of my family. Gkemtb (my wife) was a little teary-eyed, but there’s no photographic evidence that I was. Today was our little boy’s first day of Kindergarten! (Which is the first year of school here in the states, for my international friends) I don’t usually put […]

A new blog I just found with a great post Mine isn’t a political blog unless the issue is directly related to EMS politics. If I do get political, I usually do it elsewhere. However, I just found this blog and this posting. It’s very, very good. I haven’t read anything else of her stuff, just this was enough to deserve a front-page-link. You […]

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