UK Healthcare – Could the UK medics give me some perspective here?

You may not know this, unless you’ve read my blog once or twice, but I am a news and politics junkie. I try not to put it on the blog, but occasionally it creeps through. This is one of those posts.

I read a lot of different articles and opinions every day. You’ll find me on a lot of websites reading different opinions to try and get the full spectrum of ideas on issues.

Here it comes: I really like Glenn Beck. Gkemtb even said she first got interested in me because she thinks that I look like him. Really (and, well.. freaky too)

Could I get a UK medical provider’s perspective on the following transcript from the Glenn Beck show?

This was an interview that he held with Daniel Hannan, one of your politicos. Glenn seems to like him and his ideas. I did too… but I’d like to see what you think over there.

  • Lumo

    You should watch 'Sicko'. It has a very interesting perspective on the 'American vs. English health care' subject.

  • The Happy Medic

    I think the most interesting part of this interview was the part about the elderly. The elderly in the US are covered my Medicare, a government run health care plan, yet they get better care than in the UK?

    I laugh out loud at folks on Medicare bad mouthing a public option for us younger folks. All options to increase the level of care while decreasing costs need to be examined. No capitalist excludes competition in the marketplace, but demands it.

    Yet so many are screaming that a public option would ruin health care.

    You raise great issues over here CK, keep it going, I'm with you most of the way 100%!