A Shrine to Zofran

I’ll get back to my more serious things probably with the next post, but I wanted to get this out there.

When I got in to work today, I found out that the guys had been commenting on my love for Zofran (odansetron – an anti-emetic or anti-throw up med). The guy who orders the medications said that he has to order the stuff by the crate now at the rate I’m giving it.

I’ll admit I do give the stuff out like water. I love it. I have a shrine to it in my bathroom made out of porcelain.

Think of it this way: It’s easier to replace a vial of zofran, an alchohol prep, and a 3cc syringe than it is to replace an emesis basin, 3 towels, and a duty uniform.

That is all.

  • 40lizard

    I am right there with you! Zofran is my all time wonder drug too! By the time I managed to have a second child, Zofran had just come on the market and it was like a miracle for me! And when I eventually become a paramedic- I'll be using it as much as I can I am sure!

  • Mike

    Amen my puke free brother!