Some awesome stuff – with pictures

First of all, a person named Jak B left a comment on my post “EMS 2.0 – A paramedic Dreams of Changing EMS”

In it, he explains some parts of the Irish EMS system, their levels of practitioner, and some of their educational levels. He also put up a link to the Irish “PreHospital Emergency Care Council” which has a lot of information about the Irish EMS system. Great information for a curious US Paramedic. I liked it. Here’s the link: Http://

Thanks Jak B, come back soon.

In addition to that, Gkemtb, my boy and I were driving today and saw an absolutely breathtaking wall cloud from a line of severe thunderstorms that rolled through our area. Sorry about the poor quality of the pics… I took them from my cell phone, but despite the resolution they’re still cool. There was a local police officer stopped taking pictures out there too and he told me he’d send me some of the pics that he took. I’ll post those if I get them.


  • medicblog999

    Great pics CK.
    I love really good thunderstorms, always have done since I was a little kid.
    I've always wanted to see a tornado, but they don't tend to be anywhere near as spectacular over hear ( but they do actually happen once in a while!)

  • 40lizard

    Looks like the same show I watched a couple of days ago from my back porch! Good pics!

    Medicblog999- you don't really want to see a tornado in person- been too close a few times- its really cool to watch on TV instead