Saturday Fun and Funnies

Good Morning Everyone!

You may have noticed that I broke my unspoken promise to myself that I would be trying to get a post up every day. I made that promise to myself four days ago, posted once, and then didn’t post anything for three days. (Unlike Medic999 – Say it ain’t so Buddy!)

That’s why I never went to med school.

I’ve been busy, you see. Lots and lots of work with a smattering of cool calls thrown in. Yesterday both my wife, Gkemtb and I had a day off together. We actually had a willing babysitter for the boy as well! It was great. We went out and engaged in one of my favorite activities, bar hopping in an unfamiliar town while walking up to random strangers and saying “Hi, my name is Ckemtp and I’m harmless and friendly. Would you tell me a story about yourself?”

Hilarity ensued and a good time was had by all. We met people that had good stories to tell. We even met someone that lives up in Happy’s neck of the woods that seemed really interested about my plan to save healthcare using paramedics. If you visit, like you said you would (I think… they had draft Newcastle) I put the link right there for you. I had to cut it off early though. I was drinking water by 8pm and sober as a church by the end of the night because I had to work today. I have an “8 hours from bottle-to-throttle” rule for alcohol and EMS. Today, Gkemtb and I actually get to work together on a 24 at the fire department. So we were good little EMS people and stayed responsible.

Heard an awesome joke too:

“A man comes home from a long, hard day of work one evening. He’s tired. He drops his stuff down in the middle of the living room floor, plops down on the couch and turns on the TV. He looks at his wife and says “Hey, get me a beer. It’s going to start in a little while”. His wife’s a little annoyed, but she goes to the fridge and gets him a beer anyway. He drinks it as he’s flipping through the channels. When he finishes, he looks at her and says “Hey, it’s going to get started any minute now, go get me another beer”. Starting to get mad, his wife goes and gets him a beer and slams it down on the table in front of him. He drinks it in silence, still flipping the channels. When he finishes it he looks as her and says “Go and get me another one! It’s going to start any second now!”. The wife’s pissed at this point and starts yelling “Is this all you’re going to do tonight!? I can’t believe you!” She continues. The man sighs and says “Dang… It started….”

So my wife and I are 1/2 of the engine company today. We’re also the 2nd out ambulance with the way our department works. I really like working with her and we used to work together a lot more before we got married. There’s some rule about not working together on the same days… but what are you going to do. I have no problem with it. She’s a heckova firefighter and a good EMT. We also get to do the regular firehouse ball-breaking and she’s always been able to put the guys (and me) in their place and keep up better than most.

I wonder. Why is it acceptable to put a policy in place banning public displays of affection, but it isn’t acceptable to put in place a policy banning pubic displays of contempt?

I’m trying to take a light view of blog posts today. When something happens that’s funny, you’ll be the (insert number here) to know.

  • medicblog999

    Mrs Medic999 and I used to work together too. We were a great team until we started going out together. I know my place in the relationship (well and truly under the thumb!) and that sort of got carried over to work life as well, which isn't good when I am here line manager. Here's an example:
    m999: Mrs 999, can you go and give your ambulance a wash please?

    Mrs999: No! You've got two arms haven't you!!

    And I rest my case…..