New Adventures

This morning was a momentous event in the lives of my family.

Gkemtb (my wife) was a little teary-eyed, but there’s no photographic evidence that I was.

Today was our little boy’s first day of Kindergarten! (Which is the first year of school here in the states, for my international friends)

I don’t usually put up personal posts here, unless I’m ranting about something EMS related, but this was just too cute not to put up here. What a good kid I got. I’m so proud of the lil’ guy. He was all dressed up in his new school clothes, clutching his “Emergency!” backpack and lunchbox (no, not really, it was something else from the Land of Licensed Characters – *my* Johnny and Roy lunchbox is sitting up on my china cabinet in a place of honor) and he’s little enough that he darn near fell over backwards trying to take the big steps up onto the Big Yellow School Bus while carrying the backpack all stuffed with brand new school supplies.

Big steps indeed.

In related news, Gkemtb is starting Paramedic school on Thursday 8/27. So for the next year, I might refer to her as Gkemtp-it (GK-EMT-Paramedic in training). Last night she came up and had me compare her paramedic textbook to my old paramedic textbook. Hers is almost two inches thicker than mine was! It’s also inordinately heavy… I wonder if that’s because they packed more knowledge into it?

I’m going to be auditing the class and posting up my thoughts as a “seasoned” (read: old) paramedic looking at contemporary new paramedic training. It will be hard to keep my mouth shut, however Gina says that she has duct tape. (so did her instructors, oddly enough… I guess the fact that I’ve known them for years plays into this)

And no, she doesn’t get to bring Johnny and Roy for lunch either.