A sincere Thank YOU – and some behind the scenes info

Today is a day of rest, and so was yesterday honestly, at least as far as the blog is concerned. Gkemtp(it) is making me do honey do’s all day. There’s a lot, being that I’ve been working almost 100hrs per week and haven’t had much time to do them. So there’s a lot of work being done at the ol’ Ckemtp household today.

That, and in much more interesting news, I’ve got myself into a competition with my neighbor today. He mentioned that he had two dozen ears of good, Illinois sweet corn (the best in the world, mind you) and asked if we wanted some for dinner. I did. I mentioned that I had a few racks of baby back ribs that I would cook. He wanted some so he could cook em his way… and I wanted to do my way…

And it’s on.

I’ll report more on that later. Our wives and kids are judging the competition.

And a sincere THANK YOU to all of you who may be reading this. I’ve been growing in hits steadily since I started the blog, and every month has been at least 300-400 bigger than the last. Today the blog hit OVER 1000 MORE HITS than last month, and over 1100 page views. Now, that’s not as big as AD, who just hit a million… but it’s still very flattering and I thank you all so very much for reading my stuff.

If you were coming to the cookoff, I’d let ya try my bbq.

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