Not EMS: Political MSM journalism at it’s best

Yay! and Hooray! for Sherman Frederick and the Las Vegas Review-Journal!

If you ever come to the nebulous area in Northern Illinois and/or Southern Wisconsin where I live and work you definitely should e-mail me, I’ll treat you to good Wisconsin Cheese, awesome Illinois steak, and cold Milwaukee beer. Don’t forget the heavenly Illinois sweet corn as well. Shoot me an e-mail at

No really. When you wrote what appears on this link: I was just plain overjoyed. You earned a seat at my BBQ any day of the week.

This article, that should be read by anyone of any political stripe, is just the kind of journalism we need. I may even pay for a subscription to the paper. Standing up and speaking truth to power is what “Real Journalism” happens to be. Every Damn Reporter (and yes, I just swore for the first time ever on my blog) should read what you wrote. Every citizen should too. You stood up for all of us.

And I’ll stand up right with you. With as loud as my small voice can roar, by God I’ll stand with you.

Bravo. Cheers. and Hell Yea brother.

Here’s the link again, in case you haven’t clicked it yet: