Inside View: A conversation between my conscious and sub-conscious mind

Conscious Mind (CM): “Hey SC (Sub-Conscious mind), I can’t really comprehend the horror of what I’m seeing here”

SC: “Well, whattaya want me to do about it?”

CM: “Oh, I dunno, usually you make light of things for me so it’s not so painful to look at… got any jokes?”

SC: “No man, not this time… I can’t make anything of it either…”

CM: “Ummm, not even a little? Can’t you make light of it at all? I mean, that’s how I deal with this stuff and don’t go all crazy on you… you give me dark humor to shield the horror and I stay reasonably sane, right?”

SC: “Naw, I got nothing… there’s no way to make light of that… It’s just too messy and awful”

CM: “You mean you’re going to let me wake up and roll out to this and you’re not going to give me any twisted humor so that I can at least, um, you know… joke about it and not throw up?”

SC: “Well, I don’t want to… cuz I hate when we throw up… howsabout I just give you a picture of a cute kitty cat playing with string and you can retreat into your own little world for a while… deal?”

CM: “Deal.”
Later that day…

Random Friend: “Hey CK, why are you so quiet today?”

Me: “Hehehehehehe! Look at the kitty cat! Meowmeowmeowmeow meowmeowmeowmeow! You can has cheezburger! Awww.”

  • medicblog999

    You okay mate?

    Drop me an email if you want to talk/write/share it.

  • Anonymous

    Ugly things happen. Don't give up. Too many people (your faithful readers included) depend on you.


    It's bad when you can't even make a bad joke about it. I can only remember a couple of them over the years, but teh suck lingers on for a long time.

    It's OK to retreat to your happy place for a while, but sooner or later you have to come back.

    Take care.

  • Ckemtp

    Hey guys, I'm fine! 🙂 No really!

    Thanks for the outpouring of support though. Really, it was touching. I got these nice comments, and some e-mails. Wow, y'all are great.

    I work two full-time EMS jobs so there's always something awful that happens. I deal with it with crass humor and watching Spongebob (and yes, I even sometimes watch it when The Boy's not home…)

    This post was meant to be a bit edgy to give the readers some good content. It worked 🙂

  • Dani

    I actually really liked this post, because it does happen, you practically beg yourself to make good of the bad and sometimes you just cant…good work.

    As for the next post, yeah, we all read your blog. My goal is to comment more often now! (As long as your okay with hearing from the runt of the Medic Blogosphere.

  • Ckemtp

    Dani, I'll always be happy to hear from you, even though I don't think you're a "runt" just small in stature.

    Oh, and shoot me an e-mail when you get time

  • patricewilliam

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