EMS Trendsetters Conference 2009

Are you an EMS Person? Are you involved in Emergency Medicine? Are you an EMT, a Paramedic, a Nurse, a Doctor, a “something medical”? Are you interested in high quality continuing education provided in a fun and cool environment by top quality, national speakers?

You are? I thought so. See, I know my audience pretty well I’d suspect.

Here’s the catch though. I’m plugging an EMS conference that’s being put on by a friend of mine. She’s started a company that provides low-cost CE training in a cool and interesting way for regional EMS people. This is her annual big conference, and there’s a ton of good speakers and educational offerings going on this year. Y’all should come.

But… it’s located in Kenosha County, Wisconsin. If you’re local, come on up! If you’re not, then fly in. The airlines need the money and I’ll promise a beer (a cheap one) to everyone from out of the area who shows up (yes, if you’re over 21 and not afraid to drink Schlitz)

Here’s the website of the conference: http://www.emstrendsetters.org/ – This conference is personally endorsed by Yours Truly, for whatever that means.

Come on out and support one of us doing something for all of us.

This conference is located near: Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, Rockford, Chicago, Kenosha, Milwaukee, Woodstock, Crystal Lake, Fox Lake, Beloit, Janesville, Madison, Wisconsin, Illinois