Sunday, Random Sunday

Howdy everyone, welcome to my Random Weekend Post that’s just chock full of Grade A Weekend Randomness. Let’s get things started off here on the right foot with this:


Why did I break out “The Man Song” for this one? Because today, I did Manly Things.

Yep, I almost made it 24 hours without doing anything Fire or EMS related… but then I went to a volunteer EMS call and got to take out the insanely overpowered pickup truck we have to go chase the ambulance. The call was way out in the country and I had to do some 4-Wheelin’ to get back to the house. It was Manly.

Oh, and I tore off and rebuilt the carburetor on my lawn mower today. That was Manly too. The cool part is that the mower actually worked after I got done. I didn’t see that one coming. Then I mowed, which is the closest thing I get to Bringing In the Crops these days. Boring, but still Manly.

One of the coolest things about having a blog is that I get to put whatever I want to put up here. You, as the readers that I am very thankful to have, get to choose whether you want to read me or not. One of the hardest things about having a blog is that I want to have readers enjoy their time here, and therefore I have to put up content that is interesting and engaging… and that’s really hard some days.

Here are some of the things that I’ve thought about doing but don’t know if anyone would like them:

  • “Medicpreneurs”:This is a term that I use to describe medics that have started their own small businesses in an entrepreneurial spirit. I really respect and support these people. If you have your own small business, let me know and I’ll put in a plug for you. I’d like this to be a regular feature. Firepreneurs too. But does anyone else think this is cool?
  • Your Local Ambulance Service: I’d like to write up pieces about ambulance services that I stop into occasionally in my travels. You know, just to see how things work in whatever corner of the world I happen to be in and to share that with y’all. Cool, yes?? No??
  • More EMS Ethics: I really liked writing the EMS ethics stuff I did a while back ago. I got some good traffic, but didn’t get many comments on two of them that I did. Did y’all like that?
  • Ambulance Base Cooking: I’m a foodie. I always said that it was a toss-up between going to Paramedic School or Culinary School. I went for the Money and the Glory. Wow.. got that one right. Would anyone else think that EMS recipes and on-shift cookery would be cool?

Thanks for reading my Sunday Randomness. I’d love your feedback.

Oh, and yep 🙂 I know I’m a geek for my ambulance cleaning tips post. What can I say, I like shiny trucks

  • The Happy Medic

    First of all, I say go for whatever you want. All the suggestions sound good, but can I add a suggestion I made to the EMT Spot?

    More explosions. And would it kill you to add a bikini or two?

  • medicblog999

    Ck in a bikini?? Theres something that would sure bring the readers in!!

    All the ideas seem fine mate, but I know of one thing you could put up that I am sure all who saw it would talk/write/shout/llaugh about it (you know what I mean!)

    anyway, I'm off to do manly things like saving lives, cleaning my car, and the washing (doh!!)

  • Mr. 618

    I think the bit on “Medicpreneurs” would be excellent. The originators of the ideas would get a plug for their businesses, others might realize that their own areas could use those services (and I hope we'd all be honest enough to 'franchise' the ideas, rather than just stealing them), and who knows? You're plug could be the jump-start a business needs to transition from small to mega.