The Handover is coming! – Deadline 9/21/2009!

Howdy everyone! I cannot wait for my chance to host the upcoming edition of The Handover Blog Carnival, the premier EMS blog carnival on the Interwebz. Look for some cool things that I’ll be throwing in there with what is already shaping up to be some great stories. I’ve been laughing pretty hard while reading them, so I know that you will too.The theme is “Funniest. Call. Ever.” and the theme relates to funny, humourous, and just plain strange emergency calls. However, we’re also opening up a general submission form to any EMS blogger. If you’ve got an EMS, Emergency Medicine, or medical post I’ll put it in.This is a great way to read some awesome content, learn some, laugh a lot, and meet some bloggers you may not know.Oh, and the deadline for submissions is 9/29/2009. The sooner you get them in the easier it is on me.Thanks everyone! Looking forward to your posts!

  • The Happy Medic



    Are we introducing the informal plural z? I did not get the memoz.

    BTW – Thanks for making me reread my ENTIRE blog to find my funniest call ever.

  • Ckemtp

    Quick! Catch the flag!

    I would like to point out that I wrote that post whilst sitting in the medic report room at a major trauma center (well, major for me) whilst my partner completed a report.

    And yez, I'm inztituting plural Z'z.

    I just feel so bad that you had to read your blog. Awwwz, lookz at meez feelin badz fer you!

  • The Happy Medic

    I like the addition of the sharing is sexy!