Another Night on the Box

I love my Job. I love the Pay. I want to be here every day.

Oh wait, I AM.

Donít get me wrong here folks, my Abusive Co-Dependent relationship with EMS is a loving one. I couldnít imagine not being a paramedic. I couldnít imagine not being a firefighter. Itís just that where I live, the pay sucks and in order to make a living at it, a guyís gotta put in the hours.

And I do. A lot of them.

And Gkemtp(it)ís at home, in bed, all snuggled up with our 3 cats (Nikita, MJ, and Captain Fantastic) while The Boy is curled up in his bed probably dreaming about snakes and snails and puppy dog tails or something like that.

Me? Why, Iím at work of course. Itís what I do. Iím a rural paramedic.

When I was a younger guy (Iím still young, mind you) the hours didnít seem so long. My time at work was spent with my friends, who coincidentally, were at work with me. I made lasting friendships with my coworkers and partners and I cherish them. I never seemed to mind putting in weeks averaging over 100 hours for months on end.

Now, I still average 80 to 100 hours per week, every weekÖ but I think that Iím getting tired of it a lot more easily than I used to. Maybe itís because after marrying the girl of my dreams and finding myself the daddy of an awesome little guy I have a lot more at home to think about. Maybe thatís why these weeks are seeming longer. Maybe thatís why I thought to write this at midnight, while on duty, with my freshly made bunk less than 20 feet away. Maybe thatís why the 9 calls I put in during the first 12 hours of my day seemed to wear on me when I got to come home for a 3 hour break (supposed to be 4, I got off late). Maybe thatís why I lingered a bit at home this evening when the pager went out for an unresponsive 20ish male 30min before I was supposed to come in. I still responded to the station and made the scene like a good medic. I didnít delay the responseÖ But a bigger part of my soul is at home these days, and I feel it.

At least I got to read The Boy a story before I left.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is why I blog about EMS. Itís because I think that by banding together, with every reader I get and share with the other awesome bloggers, that we can make a difference in the profession. Call me idealistic, call me crazy, call me naive.

But at 12:27pm sitting next to the truck, I think we can do it. EMS 2.0 is all about our participation in something bigger and better. If we can realize our potential, maybe, just maybe, I and others like me can stop having to burn so much of our candles at work. Maybe we can push up the wages to a living level. Maybe we can improve our profession.

I know we can.

Thank you all very much for reading me, Iím honored as always.

  • JS

    That how all of us feel! Gotta love EMS! JS