Deadline Monday 9-21! The Handover Cometh!

On Friday the 25th of this month The Handover Blog Carnival, the biggest, best, first, most awesome, and a whole lot of other superlatives blog carnival featuring awesome bloggers from the EMS, ER, and A&E blogosphere is coming right here to Life Under the lights.

Yes, that was a weird sentence. However, this is going to be a weird carnival!

“Funniest. Call. Ever.” – That’s the theme. Come explore the humor of the emergency medical professions. You’ll never be the same. I promise. Also be on the lookout for something, um, kinda special.

OH! And Bloggers. The deadline is Monday 9/21. It’s well, been a hoot reading the submissions. Can’t wait to see yours!

Oh, and this is open to any health blogger. Can’t fit the theme? Cool. We’ll getcha in. Just get your posts in early.

Once again, the deadline is THIS MONDAY!

  • medicblog999

    Should that be Friday 24th??

    I promise I'll get one in on time……honest!

    I must do my homework.

  • Ckemtp

    Actually, it should be FRIDAY THE 25th. And I changed it to that after I read your comment.

    It's not my fault! You Brits use the 25/9/9 date format instead of the US 9/25/09 format!

    I fixed it. Looking forward to your post!

  • Firecap5

    My entry, if not to late……..

    Best I could come up with is an almost patient………