Passed HazMat and picked up a Blogroll addition!

I guess it’s now somewhat more official… after much kicking, screaming, and crying… Ck is kinda now a glow worm. At least in certification, that is. I passed my HazMat Operations level class and now glow just a bit more than I did before. Honestly, I’d been putting off the class because I’m terrified like a little schoolgirl about hazmat, however the instructors did a good job of teaching me about the stuff. Now, I’m still scared of the methyl-ethyl-badstuff but at least I can operate around it.

Or something like that.

I’d like to call your attention to the newly created blog located at
This is one of the instructors from the class who I got into a conversation about blogging with. He’s a newcomer to the blogosphere, but one heck of a resource on hazmat. He decided to create a blog to share his knowledge. This guy is like a walking encyclopedia on the chemistry side of things. I added it to the blogroll tonight and will be checking in on him fairly often.

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