The Handover Blog Carnival – Funniest. Call. Ever – 9/25/2009

EMS people are some funny, funny, people. Oh sure, some of our humor is strange to the uninitiated. It’s dark and disturbing sometimes… built from years of bearing witness to the macabre scenes of humanity that play out before us. Sometimes it’s more slapstick, a kick in the groin if you will. Or a psyche patient that’s so attached to the dead squirrel that he’s carrying with him that you just have to put the dead squirrel with you in the ambulance and take it to the hospital. He was starting a cult, he told me. The squirrel had no comment.
But no matter how you look at it, there’s some funny, awesome, and just plain strange stuff that happens to us out there.
And that’s what we’re celebrating here in this edition of The Handover Blog Carnival, the biggest, baddest, and most awesome blog carnival devoted to the Emergency Medical Services, the Emergency Room, and the Accident and Emergency ward. Some of this stuff will only be funny to EMS people. Some of it will make anyone laugh. A lot of it is… well, just don’t read this in church.

Our first post comes in from our friend The Crusty Ambulance Driver.

After him!! He’s having a seejure!! It’s not every day that you get to call in the Fire Department’s helicopter to help you catch your patient.

This was one of those days.


Ever hear the one about the One Armed Fisherman? He caught a fish that was (holds up arm) “THIS BIG!”

Har. Yea, our friend The Happy Medic chimed in with that one in my comments section a while back ago. He just won the contest 🙂

Oh, and you can get Swine Flu from Fish, right? Guys? Right?

Folks, sometimes Life in Manchvegas gets a tad strange. Our buddy Walt T. tells the story of a woman who just was having a bad day.

Then the SWAT team showed up. I’LL KILL YOU!! My love 🙂


From the Island Across the Pond, our British Brother Medic999 chimes in with a touching but funny post perfectly memorializing a fallen comarade. He was funny, I can tell that he was one of those guys you just looked forward to working with. EMS is a family.


Ok, so this is just some gosh darn funny stuff. Prepare yourself for Ambulance Driver’s contribution. Don’t read this in church. You probably should pee before you read it too. I laughed my ever lovin arse off.

“Purty Healthy Sheckshy Titties”, “Find your happy place! Find your happy place!”


Mack 505 over at Notes from Mosquito Hill discusses those weird things we do with the other social miscreants we work with. I’m sure you’ll know what he means here. EMS is a family. A horribly, horribly dysfunctional family.

 “Hey Partner: “Ice cold Beer?” Yea, you know.


Lt Michael Morse, or L-T as I call him, over at Rescuing Providence has written this short, punchy, and very, very funny post. It’s everything you need to know about life wrapped up in one, eh, “little package”.

Lord of the Rings


Happy Medic once told me that I could improve my blog by adding “More Explosions and Bikinis”. I agree. Thanks to EMS Chick and Just Me, Just My Blog I bring you two posts featuring explosions written by female EMS bloggers who empirical evidence has shown, sometimes might wear a bikini.

“So, ya went poof, huh? Weird.” – Just Me

Why do we check our stuff? Because sometimes things blow up and spray you with hazmat. – EMS Chick


Making up this month’s Handover has allowed me to find this blog from a blogger by the name of Philly Dan. He was doin ambo work when Medics like me may have been in diapers. Great reading over there. Thanks for submitting!

Defib Shocks are for the patients, right? I like this one a lot. Cadillac ambulances wading through floods always get me.


Lumo, over at My Life in A&E, a UK Medic blog that I read a lot had a late submission that just squeaked in past the deadline. He asked me if it fit the description of a funny call.

Hell yea it does, it’s got wee.


Thanks heavens for stupid people. Without them, the Emergency Medical Services would be boring. Stupidity makes our world go ’round. As my momma always told me, “If you stick your finger too far up inside there, you’ll poke your brain and get a paulsy!”

Actually , she said “Some people exist just to serve as a warning to others” FireCap5 over at Not Trained, but We Try Hard! put forth a post about a recent canary he had.

Alright folks! Hope you made it down here. Great job to all of the great bloggers who submitted some funny, funny posts. What follows is some other posts from around the web that I thought needed some attention.

Oh, and some shameless self promotion too. Shamless self promotion.

One of my favorite bloggers who seems to be WAY smarter than me, Rogue Medic, has written a post on Correlation and Causation, featuring one of his favorite comic strips. There’s cows, and a lot of the stuff that he’s famous for. Great stuff as always.

Greg, over at Training Success is a buddy of mine who I finally prodded into becoming a blogger. He’s a Haz-Mat wizard. He wrote a good post about role playing in training scenarios from a class that I was in. Check it out.

My cousin is a blogger who I really want to come to Blogger or WordPress. She writes great, but her blog is over at Myspace. She guest posted her funniest medical story on my blog. Here it is. – You can find her Myspace blog on the post. She does a lot of political stuff.

Here’s some shameless self-promotion 🙂 I write on a blog called The Awesome EMS blog – I wrote this here a while back ago and I think that the video is freakin hilarious. I give you Skateboard Fail. Any blogger who wants to co-write on this blog is welcome, I need help on it.

And with that, this edition of The Handover Blog Carnival has come to an end. Y’all rock for coming over and having a read. Be sure to look for the next edition coming out next month over at The Insomniac’s Guide to Ambulances. The theme will be Kids – Seen and Not Hurt. Now, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to play you out.


  • The Happy Medic

    Great collection CK! And congrats contributors, hilarious stuff!

    And there was mention of a cash reward for funniest joke?…

  • Shelagh

    The URL to Medic999's post is wrong – there are 2 dots between wordpress and com so the link doesn't work 🙂

  • medicblog999

    A great edition CK! (even if you can't get my URL right!! 😉 )
    it's a busy busy day on the ambulance today so I'm only half way through all of the posts, but I've had a great laugh already at some of them!

    Thanks for hosting and thanks to all of those who have subscribed and linked to The Handover.

  • Ckemtp

    I fixed it as soon as I got Sehlagh's comment! Thanks Shelagh!

    Of course… I *did* simply copy and paste the URL you sent me Medic999… and it worked that way when I clicked it in my e-mail. Hmmm…

    The contributors did an awesome job this go round, as always.

  • Just Me

    CK – Great Job! It looks super good with pics and all (don't ask me how to do that lol) and the stories are absolutely hilarious. I had to clean my keyboard twice (take all the keys off, wipe wipe wipe, put all the keys back on – in the right place – and repeat). Coffee will do that. And it's only 10 am! Thanks everyone for a great start to my day!

  • Michael Morse

    Tremendous job! I've been away from the internet, haven't had any time to catch up, this is a great place to start!

    Thanks for putting this together.

  • Anonymous

    It has been years since anything written has made me laugh this hard. I HAD to let my wife read the "happy place" story. I had one very close to it many years ago, and it touched off the ridiculous in me just reading and remembering my own situation.