BREAKING NEWS – This just in!!

Lumo from My Life in A&E is a girl.

A crack team of researchers working around the clock has determined that Lumo is indeed a female (and we’re told that she’s an aesthetically pleasing one, as well) and that all rumors, or comments describing her Handover contributions that refer to her in the masculine are false.

Sorry Lumo…

  • Rogue Medic

    When I used to work in San Francisco, one of the most important questions to ask patients was, With what gender do you most strongly identify?

  • Ckemtp

    Heh, reminds me of this: Think of how you would curse the oncoming crew one morning. You'd say: "You know, I hope you get a bad wreck. Waaay out in the other county on the interstate. I hope it's a roll-over and I hope there's an ejection. Yea, and an on scene podiatrist is going to do a MacGuyver cric on a trauma code. And oh yea, there's going to be 5 patients and they're all going to be HIV positive transvestites. Oh, and they'll only speak Russian!

    It happened… my poor friend that was working that day gave her radio report. The ER came back and asked her the patient's gender. She said "Um… you'll have to have the physician assess that"

    And that was out here in podunk.

  • medicblog999

    I had to do my own investigations myself when I started emailing Lumo too, after I made the same mistake.

    Oh well, at least we all know now!

  • Lumo

    Ha ha! That made me laugh out loud! No need to apologise CK, all is forgiven. I haven't exactly made it obvious.