Dear NBC – Yes, I’m watching Trauma

Um… dang it.

Hows come EVERY media representation of EMS shows us as either incompetent idiots, or complete asses?

I don’t know why I thought that this show would be any different.

Really? “He was in the Iraq war. He’s on anti-anxiety meds. Let’s give this guy WHO WE’VE BEEN GIVING EPI TO and DEFIBBING WITHOUT AN ANTIARRYTHMIC (who’s in asystole, btw) ATROPINE… WHICH WILL MAKE HIS EKG look like a triangle and GET A PULSE BACK!!!!111!”

Oh, did I mention I’m watching this surrounded by a room full of paramedics and EMTs??

They just lost us all.

Ooooo!! The helicopter blew up!!!

Maybe…. I’m still watching

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